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Our creative surveys give a different picture of how children relate to the world around them. They draw children into an automous thinking space and help them connect to their feelings, be open to sharing honest thoughts and dream up their best ideas. 

In response to the questions you need answered, artist Jessica Wilson builds the customised digital survey within the Typeform platform. You get realtime access to their answers and learn from the surprising persectives of kids on how to create a better future.

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The Child Nation surveys feel like interactive narratives, with any and every answer validated and incorporated into the evolving experience. Using playful conversational language, they reverse the familiar hierarchy of knowledge, giving a feeling of permission to see things in your own way.


Our testing tells us that when away from the gaze of adults with time, permission and solo space to consider their answers, children are more able to enter a contemplative and imaginative zone which helps them expand their ideas.

If you need to better understand what kids think, get in touch.

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