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immersive story-like
experiences as a tool
to better understand
children’s perspectives,
feelings and ideas.

In response to questions you need answered, our experienced artists can build customised creative surveys which invite children to explore and engage with places in completely new ways. Child Nation draws children into automous thinking and exploring, eliciting more contemplative and honest responses and helping them dream up their best ideas. 

We then use children’s de-identified data to better understand how they relate to the world around them, and to learn from the awesome persectives on how to create a better future.

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The Child Nation surveys feel like interactive narratives, with any and every answer validated and incorporated into the evolving experience. Using playful conversational language, they reverse the familiar hierarchy of knowledge, giving a feeling of permission to see things in new ways.


Our testing tells us that when away from the gaze of adults with time, permission and solo space to consider their answers, children are more able to enter an imaginative zone and expand their ideas.

If you need to better understand what kids think and would like to help us develop this product, we would love to hear from you.

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