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Think of something you fear, then be guided to give it form as a monster. Find your Fear Monster's home or habitat, hide it, choose a conversation topic and tell your monster what to do when others walk past.

You have been appointed the gallery director of this place and anything can be your art. Stare at everyday objects for a little too long in order to see their weirdness, then assemble, name, label and price them before doing a guided tour of your gallery for an adult of your choice.

Gallery of the strange update.png
bontanic v2.png

Notice things that are massive and things that are tiny as you tune-in to an outdoor space. Then imagine you can camouflage and from your hiding place, listen to imaginary voices of non-human things, invent relationships between them and write messages in chalk.

garden or outdoor only

Imagine you are lost and you need to find your way home using landmarks you recognise. Create a large-scale map drawn with chalk on concrete which includes a key memory, a super weird imagined visitor and the renaming the places according to your own personal experience rather than Google Map’s!

The No-go Cupboard.png

You are given permission to explore the contents of a cupboard or drawer. Choose and name for an everyday object, bring it to life using puppet-like animation, then invent a relationship it has with anther object in a different room. Leave a note from one object to the other to help them communicate.

home or school only

Using simple creative prompts, enter short sentences about a lived experience, then have a poem-like story built with your answers. Write your story onto a glass window or door with removable whiteboard markers so everyone can read it against a real-world backdrop of your choice.

The Magic Story Maker.png
opposite me.png

Explore what kind of personality you have and how other people see you, with simple word choices. Then generate an opposite type of person and role play behaviour that is unusual or usually not permitted. Warning: this journey sometimes prompts kids to (pretend) to do things that might appear 'naughty'!

Imagine what type of landscape might have been here before this building was here, then imagine a secret creature, family or society that still lives here, invent ceremonies for them and leave a note as an offering.

Party of Ghosts.png

Explore different rooms and be helped to listen quietly before inventing the name, secret life and personality of one room. Then capture it’s breath and story in a jar and take it into a different room. Leave your jar somewhere to enable a conversation after you have gone.

Choose a piece of architecture such as a pole or wall and with simple steps, discover you can develop a story as well as a character who knows its secrets. Have lines of text generated with your own ideas and use them for a super short performance. Make a ticket and rip it off as you greet your tiny audience of one. 

Child Nation Tile setup7.png
weird world_headphones.png

Choose an environment then listen to soundscapes to imagine that rooms around here are either desert, underwater, in a forest or a cave, and invent weird modes of transport and jobs for all the people who come here.

Choose an animal then be taken on a journey that helps you to see your normal world through it’s eyes. Make decisions based on smells, protective instinct and hiding places. This adventure is best suited to children 7-9 years.

I Am Actually a Dog.png
Am I Dreaming.png

A super fun and quick adventure that takes your own thoughts and turns them into a surreal dream-like experience.

When you close your eyes you can see the visitor who has come to share a secret. Work out what that secret is and decide who you should share it with. This special adventure was created by First Nation artist Jaddah Milroy.

Invisible Visitor.png
the lost page.png

You have a mission to find the voice of this library. You need to spy on someone, open a portal, listen to a table, then write a secret note to hide in a secret book and wonder who might find it.

Library only

Find a book that matches your personality and imagine that this book is hiding its true identity. Then create a new dust cover with a new name and illustration.

Library only

Make your own manners.png

Consider all the things that adults tell you about how to behave in certain places, then imagine that this particular place has its very own culture. Find the rules by understanding who made them up, then put signs up to help adults understand how to be respectful and comfortable when coming here.

Ask an adult or parent to sign permission for you to rummage through their drawers. Find a collection of something like forks, T-shirts or undies, then direct your adult to lie on the ground for a strange photo-portrait involving the collection arranged around their head like a halo. This adventure fosters parent / child relationships.

home only

Child Nation Tile setup9.png

Interview an adult about their most loved and hated jobs, then direct them in a photo-series by setting up the location and asking them to make body positions of before, during and after that task. This is a great way to have parent /child fun.

home only

Make an amazing sculpture to solve a problem faced by a parent or adult. Interview that adult to get clues about which materials are the most magical, and then be guided to assemble a talisman in an important location before inviting your adult to see it and reading them a poem made for you from your own words.

home only

Child Nation Tile setup5.png
bontanic v22.png

Lie on the ground and imagine you are growing mycelium from your back. Follow it as it travels underground and find where your mushroom pops up. Use a special mushroom marker to remember the place and write any warnings or fun facts for adults.

garden or outdoor only


Notice that all the plants have signs, make up who wrote them, then imagine you are an alien and stare at each plant making up a new meaning for it before planting your own sign with both your language and that of those of adults.

botanic garden only 

bontanic v23.png

Feel the world around you alive with animistic figures inspired by Japanese culture. Identify a face in a wall, intuit a Yokai tugging at your sleeve then make a small shrine to remember.

The building is talking to you and it is the most warm and playful you can imagine. But it's have lost it's niblings (siblings) and you need to make one out of tin-foil, find the crack where it should live and write a poem in chalk for the building.

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