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Our streets were once the domain of children, roaming in long dreamy afternoons. But today, they are empty and this decline in children’s independent mobility is being linked directly with increases in rates of anxiety, depression and feelings of helplessness.

Our local parks, large institutions and open spaces are key to returning this type of solo imaginative play to children’s lives


Child Nation is designed by artists to immerse children in this type of experience. It provides short and fun provocations that are experienced solo in a contemplative state, switching on children’s imaginations so that they might see the normal things around them in completely new ways.


Our interactive digital guides, allow children to wander, enter answers based on personal ideas and observations, and have their content incorporated into an evolving story-like experience.

Users enter Child Nation for free via self serve installations on your sites, with the following options;

  1. Short term signage such as A frames - one per adventure,

  2. Semi-permanent signage on posts or existing infrastructure,

  3. The story box, with it's alluring ceramic handles and drawers for indoor spaces.

In all of these options, children are prompted to hijack an adult’s device, use the QR to log in, choose their adventure and head off immediately and return to retrieve materials if required.


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Minimum three-monthly subscriptions include:

  • Up to five adventures customised to your site.

  • Development of self serve signage or use of our story box drawers.

  • All materials which are restocked daily by your staff.

  • Customised signage design.

  • Monthly reporting on usage, completion and fun rating.

  • Use of our rich marketing materials.


customised to your site

Enjoy curated content customised to your site.


expands your boundaries

Guide children to explore beyond kids zones and into more of the spaces your site offers.



Let children express how they see things, with their own typed answers to fun questions that shape their own experience.


multiple languages

Diversify your family audience with translations into six different languages. 



Get reports on children’s engagement including their thoughts about your places.

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Tested with more than 2000 children between 7 and 11 years of age.

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